City Of George, Washington

About George (The City, not the President)

George is wonderfully well-situated in the Columbia River Basin of Eastern Washington. Found midway between the Seattle area and the Cascade mountains on the West, and Spokane on the east at exit 149 on Interstate 90, George sees a multitude of travelers every year (good thinking, Charlie).

Bust of George Washington

Six miles to the west of the city is the famous "Gorge" amphitheater overlooking the spectacular Columbia River. Regularly scheduled big-name concerts "In the Gorge by George" throughout the summer insure ample business opportunities. As many as 250,000 concert-goers are expected to visit during the concert season.

The George area offers abundant, accessible recreation: water sports, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, golf, and winter snow skiing are all close at hand.

The geology of the area is of interest to many, and the diversity of the agriculture in the fertile Columbia Basin prompts quite a few people to wonder if THIS isn't the bread basket of America!

Add George's predictably excellent climate to all this, and you have a place where your family will enjoy spending some time.

George's population swells to around 5,000 on the traditional "everything-you-could-possible-hope-for" Fourth of July celebration, which includes the world's largest cherry pie, fun activities, food, fireworks, and many other activities.

Our other main event is the President's Day celebration, held on the weekend of President's Day, when we have a birthday party for George Washington.

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